Slowing the Progression of Dementia

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A few weeks ago, my husband, Luis, had his (every six months) follow-up visit with the neurologist regarding “rapidly progressing, early onset” dementia. At the time of that specific diagnosis being made (though “dementia” was diagnosed earlier) he had, “one and a half to two years left and the end won’t be pretty.” I had…

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From the Author Carol Gieg

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The topic of traumatic brain injury has been inundating the media lately. My memoir, TBI–To Be Injured, Surviving and Thriving After a Brain Injury, is written from an insider’s point-of-view. I suffered such an injury, followed by neurosurgery. Despite predictions to the contrary, I survived and have been thriving since then. The purpose of this…

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Is Meditation Good for the Brain?


Meditation benefits anyone Hundreds of years of practicing, say it’s true. But for those who prefer a controlled studies research, Research has proven it too. Beginners, please try not to chastise yourselves, As this will detract from effect. Start with just a few minutes until you want to increase, Focusing on breath or body scan…

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