Is Meditation Good for the Brain?

Meditation benefits anyone
Hundreds of years of practicing, say it’s true.
But for those who prefer a controlled studies research, Research has proven it too.

Beginners, please try not to chastise yourselves,
As this will detract from effect.
Start with just a few minutes until you want to increase,
Focusing on breath or body scan while you reflect.

Maybe think of it this way after all,
You’re a success if you increase a bit at a time,
With every breath you take in meditation you’re improving your brain,
If you can remember this, you’ll do fine!

It’s not how many times your mind wanders,
That defines how successful you are,
Each time only offers more chances to practice,
That meaning much more, by far!

If you, at brain games have a go,
The goal is not to achieve perfection.
It’s to challenge your brain like working a muscle,
To strengthen the injured section.

Remember that the more difficult it is,
Provided it doesn’t lead you to give up.
It’s worth every second that you can devote,
Your cognitive function to build up!

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