Variables Proven to Enhance and Maintain Cognitive Function

research into tbi book

David Snowdon’s work, as principle investigator for the “Nun Study of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease,” determined several variables which contribute to a decrease in the potential for contracting this awful disease and its impact on those we love. A group of nuns were found to develop dementia characteristics at a much lower rate than was…

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Eating for Brain Health

eating for brain health

This recent article from the Alzheimer’s Foundation confirms key points that I’ve written about in my book regarding the link between diet and brain health.

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Brain Games and Cognitive Functioning

brainhq youtube page

Playing brain games on the computer can challenge the brain and positively influence cognitive functioning. Research about the variables contributing to brain health are explored in the introduction of my book (a memoir): TBI  To Be Injured: Surviving and Thriving After a Brain Injury. I use this particular brain games group out of Stanford. They…

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Validity and Efficacy of Brain HQ

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One of the variables in maintaining and enhancing brain function is through challenging the brain with things such as brain games online. Some medical groups are recommending this particular company. Here is an article discusses the validity and efficacy of Brain HQ. I am encouraged that this one has research to back it up…

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